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Archicentre launches assessment service for flood victims

ARCHICENTRE, THE building advisory service of the Australian Institute of Archicentre, has modelled a pilot service for flood victims in Queensland on a role similar to a triage nurse in major hospitals who assess patients before treatment.
Under the program, which will commence late next week in Bundaberg, flood victims will be able to seek professional advice from an Archicentre Architect on some of the best approaches of dealing with their flooded homes.
Later it is intended the service will move up to Rockhampton and work in with local authorities as needed.
Queensland State Manager of Archicentre Ian Agnew said: “Archicentre’s extensive involvement in helping people following the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, suggested the emergency triage approach allows people to gain information quickly and work out a basic plan of attack as a vital step in the recovery process”.
“This is a highly emotional and stressful time and the ‘Archicentre Triage Service’ is geared to providing basic information in a simple format by both having consultations and in some cases a site visit”.
“Water damage in homes can be quite extensive requiring all particle board cupboards, doors and plaster work to be totally replaced, especially where water penetrates the house and insulation in walls becomes water logged.
“It is important to recognise that flood damaged buildings could take over a year to dry out completely and the natural tendency for people to renovate and redecorate as quickly as possible can lead to mould growth and the work having to be repeated.
“The intensity of the flood will also have major structural implications for affected homes and the structural integrity of attached decks, balconies or tank stands supporting full tanks of water weighing several tons,” Agnew said. Source: Architecture & Design