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Arborists assessing Tahune Airwalk

The Tahune Airwalk, a well-known tourist attraction in Southern Tasmania, is currently being assessed for unsafe fire damaged trees in the aftermath of the Riveaux Road bushfire. Arborists started assessment work at the Airwalk last week and are inspecting the forest to identify trees in the area which pose potential risks to site infrastructure and future visitors. Source: Timberbiz

Land Property Manager at Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Sarah Vautin, is coordinating the Airwalk recovery.

“The arborists are currently working to assess the fire damage to trees in and around the Airwalk,” Ms Vautin said.

“Their work involves identifying how we can potentially minimise the impact to the damaged trees and recognising where we can treat the tree it instead of removing it.

“Where possible, we want to maintain the integrity of the forest.

“The next step is to get our engineers to make a full assessment of the site infrastructure.”

Sustainable Timber Tasmania and Tahune Adventures Tasmania are working together to get the tourism site operational as soon as possible.

The first green shoots are starting to appear at Tahune.