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All aspects of bioenergy under the microscope

Australia’s premier bioenergy conference, Bioenergy Australia 2009, will be held at the Radisson Gold Coast, Queensland on 9 – 10 December, with a technical tour on 8 December.

The conference program will have over 90 presentations, covering policies and programs, bioenergy projects and project development case studies, and will cover:

  •  biomass sources and supply aspects
  •  first and second generation liquid biofuels
  •  algae and other future feedstocks
  •  pyrolysis bio-oil and bio-char
  •  anaerobic digestion
  •  energy-from-waste
  •  heat and power
  •  overarching aspects of bioenergy, such as life cycle emissions and sustainability.
  • Keynote speakers are Dr Göran Berndes, Department of Energy and Environment, Chalmers University, Sweden, and Task Leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 30 Short Rotation Crops for Bioenergy Systems; Professor Michael Borowitzka, Algae R&D Centre, Murdoch University, Western Australia; and well-known bioenergy figure, Professor Ralph Sims who has been working at the IEA in Paris.

    The program will include a trade exhibition and technical posters and a tour to bioenergy facilities in the region. The tour will visit the 30 MWe Rocky Point sugar mill cogeneration power plant, two different anaerobic digester plants – one using ultrasonics to stimulate gas production, the other using a floating cover at a piggery, a bioreactor facility producing biogas for electricity generation, a Pongamia (tree legume for biomass oil) research plot and a small scale gasification test rig.