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AGL adopts ENVI, the first Australian made Greenhouse Friendly carbon neutral paper

Integrated energy company AGL will move its customer communication to Australia’s first carbon neutral paper, ENVI.

Australian Paper executive general manager, Jim Henneberry, says most Australian businesses acknowledge a responsibility to minimise the social and environmental impact of doing business.

“With the ENVI innovation, Australian Paper can demonstrate carbon neutrality, with the benefits of that achievement able to be passed on to the customers who take up the ENVI opportunity,” Mr Henneberry said.

AGL head of brand and external relations, Emily Kucukalic, said for AGL the decision to shift to greenhouse friendly paper was a natural extension of the utility’s sustainability objectives.

“ENVI has earned the Federal Government’s prestigious Greenhouse Friendly certification, and its creator, Australian Paper, has worked very hard to make this decision really quite straightforward.

“AGL has a strong commitment to excellence in environmental management and performance.

“ENVI is one more way we can demonstrate this commitment and also show our support as a business for efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while maintaining quality print materials,” said Ms Kucukalic.

ENVI is described as a major step in the evolution of paper, and is produced by Australian Paper from chain of custody certified pulp, supported by a complete life cycle analysis. Quantified energy emissions (direct and embedded) are offset through approved abatement programs.

“Our consumer research confirms Australian consumers really support the idea of carbon neutral paper, and look more favourably on print materials that show the Greenhouse Friendly logo,” said Mr Henneberry.

“This is genuinely a new category of paper in Australia and Australian Paper is excited to be responsible,” he said.

ENVI paper is certified by the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Gas Challenge Plus Scheme.