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50 nominees for second Green Triangle Awards

It is just under three weeks until the envelopes are opened and the winners are revealed at the second Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards taking place at Mount Gambier at  local venue, The Barn.  Source: Timberbiz

The judges completed their task of reviewing more than 50 nominees last month and have been impressed by the calibre of the companies and individuals that were put forward.

There have been a few changes made to the categories following last year’s awards which were a success as they kicked off this new awards campaign for the forestry industry.

The night will recognise heroes of the industry, will congratulate all nominees and remind the industry of the inaugural winner Reid Logging.

Reid Logging was founded in 1966 by the late John Reid and have been at the forefront of the mechanization of the industry. While initially a manual tree falling and haulage company, they moved exclusively to harvest operations in 1990.

The company has consistently invested in new and innovative machinery and is known for its integrity and high quality work output. It epitomized excellence at every level and came to these awards with endorsement from across the sector.

The GTTIA committee has been pleased with the loyalty from sponsors in this second year and the support that they have shown returning to enjoy the benefits provided as a part of this significant event.

Taking on the role of master of ceremonies is Merrick Watts who will be managing the guests, VIPs and nominees and it looks as though numbers will exceed last year’s audience of 500.

Mr Watts is recognised as a leading performer in comedy and entertainment.

Award dinner tickets are currently on sale but organisers expect to sell out within the week as they have been in demand.

The momentum this campaign has gathered for the industry affords it the recognition as a significant contributor to the local Green Triangle Region and the Australian economy.